STAR SPANGLED Results – 7/1/22

While Star Spangled was a show named for the impending holiday surrounding the event, it fit all the same for the sheer presence of star power that was present this past Friday. From the debut of the incredibly gifted Chris Nastyy to the powerhouse Trios main event featuring the biggest players in the MPW locker room, there was no shortage of talent in this spectacular show.

Which stars shone the brightest? Who fell to earth? You’re about to find out — spoilers ahead for Star Spangled, so proceed with caution, and if you want to wait for the Youtube upload? Save this piece as your companion to the action!

That said? Let’s do this.


Miggy Rose (WC) DEFEATS Chris Nastyy

This one was a highly anticipated bout — those familiar with Nastyy’s work know that he’s got a great deal in common with Miggy Rose. Both men are smaller in build, aren’t afraid to go rogue in the ring, and incredibly charismatic. The result was a match for the ages — possibly a contender for match of the night — that had the crowd painfully torn in deciding who to cheer for.

Though Nastyy offered a sporting handshake to the World Champion, Rose rejected it, saying Nastyy had to earn the show of respect. Earn it he did with a back and forth contest that balanced victory on the edge of a knife, and featured some breathtaking moments like a springboard hip toss that had the crowd gasping. The crowd was by no means silent, but the emphatic support for Miggy Rose slowly began to have a real opposition in those who were won over by Nastyy’s performance.

In the end, Rose secured a pinfall victory, but it was a win that was by no means certain. Rose was entirely aware of this at the end of the match, and emphatically demanded that Nastyy get up afterward — so he could collect the sign of respect he was due with a handshake from the champ.

Nastyy’s debut might have been marred by a loss…but rest assured, he made his bones with the champion, and the audience. There’s little doubt in this reporter’s mind that this was not a one night event: we will see Nastyy again in the future, and we will see him often.

Cameron August (TC) DEFEATS Dustin “Jacked” Daniels

Fresh off his tag team victory last week, Cameron August was accompanied to the ring by members of the Enterprise in a gratuitous display of force given National Champion* Robin Shaw’s match later in the evening alongside Leo Canedo and J2 Mattioli. Receiving their usual chorus of jeers and taunts as they took to the ring, little changed as Daniels made his own entrance — one had to wonder what the crowd reaction was going to be. With two frankly arrogant, unfriendly, obnoxious individuals in the ring, who would manage to receive any audience support?

Journalistic integrity demands that this reporter remain as impartial and unbiased as possible…however, even the most objective eye could plainly see that, of the two competitors, Daniels was the lesser of two evils to claim a victory.

Claim that victory he would have, too, if not for his own arrogant posturing. Daniels performed well, and had the grudging support of the crowd, but lost more than one opportunity at a victory to posing, banter with the crowd, and breaks outside the ring to mist his unruly mop of curls with his ever present water bottle.

More focus on the match could have secured an early victory, but for all his faults, Daniels could not be truly blamed for his loss. With interference from Shaw, August secured a pinfall victory that left Daniels down for the count until the jubilant Enterprise had left the ringside area. Afterwards, it was clear that Daniels was so badly affected by the blows he’d received that he wasn’t even fully awake for the three count, asking the crowd what had happened, and so rattled he was asking if he’d won the title** or not.

*While Mr. Shaw continues to insist he is the undisputed North American champion, he is in fact the reigning MPW National Champion. The general manager, board of directors, and media outlets covering Millennium Pro Wrestling do not recognize the North American belt as a sanctioned championship title.
** Daniels has gone on record as saying he feels he has claim to the North American title, but as his match was not with Shaw, no title was in contention — and again, the North American title has a previous history with the company, but as of this writing is not recognized by MPW, its general manager, board of directors, or any media outlets providing MPW news coverage.

Mylo DEFEATS Auntie Hydie

The Void remains an ever-present threat in MPW, and its leader, Auntie Hydie, is the greatest threat of them all. Wholly consumed, it seems, by this dark force called Void, she grows both more powerful and more sickly with every appearance she makes at MPW. When she walks to the ring, the noisome black discharge of Void water can be seen spilling from her lips, black as jet against her pale features to match the dark infection visible in the veins around her eyes.

The madness of Hydie is well documented, but this week as she walked to the ring, she lunged at the MPW Press Box itself en route to combat…suffice to say, the interaction was terrifying as she hissed like an animal, flecks of corruption flying from her ashen lips. Though she has left us with an open invitation to bind her for the means of sharing information…it appears there is still much consideration that must be done before such an invitation is accepted.

Having set her sights on corrupting another light in the MPW locker room, that of the cheerful and equally forceful Mylo, concern ran high for the Macdaddy leading up to this confrontation in the ring. Art published on Hydie’s social media has likened her to the Snow White against Hydie’s Wicked Witch, and Mylo looked the part as she made her way to the ring in deep red ring gear that heightened the similarity even further.

Would another soul fall to shadow? Would Mylo be corrupted as have been those who came before? J2, Hellman Rosecrown, Richie Coy, Dr. Phil Goode — now known as Baphomet — was tonight the night Mylo joined their legion?

For much of the match, it seemed this would be the case. Though she had an early run of control, Hydie’s superior size and the unholy power of the Void gave her such an enormous advantage that she pulled Mylo up from the mat during one pinfall attempt just to be able to prolong her suffering. Tension ran high, and things seemed bleak.

However, spunky and ever resourceful, Mylo found her opening and took it, securing a pinfall victory by the skin of her teeth. So opportune and hard won was her win that she fled for her life in the aftermath, bolting to the locker room to escape further abuse from the Dapper Banshee.

A victory for Mylo, yes…but was this an altogether brief war? Or the first of many battles for her very identity?

Johnnie Robbie DEFEATS Jordan Cruz

Promising to be a classic David versus Goliath confrontation, Robbie wasn’t shy about evening the playing field by any means possible. Kicking off the match with a surprise attack on Cruz as he made his entrance, Robbie was relentless in trying to gain any advantage she was capable of securing.

It was a good idea, but the odds were so viciously stacked against her that her fate seemed to be sealed. Cruz showed her no mercy, but Robbie also gave no ground. Going into the contest, Cruz was openly disdainful of Robbie’s chances and temerity, but even when she was half beaten and barely able to take to her feet, Robbie refused to surrender. Defiant, determined, and driven, Robbie kicked out of every pinfall and snapped up even the smallest openings Cruz left her to try and fight her way back from the brink.

Make no mistake, it was a very one-sided contest, but Robbie simply would not quit…and at the end of the night, karma was in her corner — and it took the form of one Brendan Divine.

Looking for a little payback after the loss of the tag team titles, Divine made a ringside appearance to taunt Jordan Cruz, giving Robbie another opening to dive on. This time, she was able to capitalize and score a pinfall victory, but only just. Infuriated by the loss, Cruz went after Divine after the match, with Divine fully prepared to beat Cruz senseless.

Fortunately, officials appeared to pull the two apart before Bedlam could break out. This, however, isn’t the end of this story to be sure…and in the aftermath, the normally arrogant Cruz gave Robbie her due on social media in a rare display of respect. Could Jordan Cruz be reaching a turning point in personal growth, perhaps?

J2/Robin Shaw/Leo Canedo DEFEATS Rebel Storm/Super Beetle/Bucio

This main event was a highly anticipated one, promising fans a confrontation, at long last, between Robin Shaw and Super Beetle and between former friends J2 and the Rebel Storm. The match…technically lived up to the hype as one of the most gripping and chaotic on the card, but not for the reasons everyone was expecting.

…perhaps it’s best to get the story straight from the bug’s mouth.

Though we now know the story — and wish the Best Bug a swift and painless recovery — at the time, fans were very perplexed when the match began as a six man tag, and transformed midway through into a three on two handicap match. Making a discreet exit once he realized how badly he was injured, Beetle exited the ringside area to receive medical attention as his partners continued the fight in what can only be called a prolific showing of talent, strength, and tenacity.

However, with a man down — and three opponents who had no reservations about causing absolute destruction — there was no way to truly overcome the obstacle before them.

The match gave us one thing: the confrontation between J2 and Storm that fans so desperately wanted to see. Still convinced he could somehow save his former partner from himself, Storm tried to talk to J2, to make him see reason.

For his trouble, he got beaten down — and hope faded as Storm was confronted with the fact that he had been well, truly, and utterly betrayed.

Storm and Bucio, however, did not go down without one hell of a fight. Both being former tag champs, and Bucio in particular being a tag team specialist, they used this advantage to hold out as long as they could during the course of this contest. Pairing their expertise with the confusion of the missing Super Beetle — who Robin Shaw kept looking for during the course of the match — it was tough going, but didn’t look totally hopeless.

However, the opposite team had former tag champs as well in Storm’s ex-partner and Shaw himself, who previously held the MPW Tag Team Championship as part of the Midnight Snacks alongside alumnus Antoine “Zumba” Ramon. This, along with the numbers advantage, was their undoing as J2 scored a pinfall victory on Bucio.

There was little time to celebrate, however, as the Thunder Wonder got hold of a microphone and vilified J2 further for his actions and the unveiling of his true colors. Before things could escalate, however, MPW’s unofficial understudy to the general manager, Pinky Santino, entered the ringside area with a phone to his ear.

In short order, we learned that Bryan Carter himself had inked a match for the next week: J2 versus the Rebel Storm not just in some simple grudge match. No, they would wrestle for a bigger prize: the number one contendership for the MPW World Title.

And just like that…there was a storm brewing.

For Your Consideration

As of this writing, the card for Friday’s Eye Of The Storm has been lined up, and it’s huge. Along with the Number One Contender’s match, we have a Summerfest rewind as Bucio looks for some payback against Robin Shaw. Speaking of Shaw, the Enterprise will also be hosting a battle royal, with the prize being a title match at the upcoming fifth annual California Classic.

In addition, Johnnie Robbie, who is the reigning VWE Women’s Champion, will be making her first title defense against Mylo. This match, sanctioned by Venue Wrestling but taking place at Millennium Pro Wrestling, looks to be a spectacular interpromotional event.

There’s all that and more waiting this Friday, so come on out to see what’s going down. Quite literally, anything can happen at an MPW event! Again, setting aside the show for a second, we at the X-Press want to wish Super Beetle good health and swift healing. We only just got you back, buggy boy — take good care of yourself so you can return as soon as possible.

Until next time, readers…be like Super Beetle. Take good care of yourselves, and make sure we get to see you back here soon.

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