ALL ABOARD! The Return Of The X-Press

Hey, folks. Been a while, hasn’t it?

There’s a reason I’m writing this, and first things first: the write up for BIG BAD BEETLE BATTLE is in the works, and the X-Press is back in action.

Where have we been, however? What happened to the X-Press? Well, seeing as there was no official hiatus or anything, I kinda want to explain, and to say thank you.

The X-Press is a one man operation. Me, I’m that woman. I, Liz, am a nonbinary woman* (she/her/he/him) who started this site because I love the brand and I wanted to help. I wanted to be part of it, to do what I could to deliver something to the fans — and the wrestlers — that captured what I’ve seen at every show since my first in December of 2019.

Millennium Pro Wrestling is a grossly underrated wrestling promotion featuring some of the most incredible talent the industry has ever seen, both in the ring and behind the curtain.

Something else that’s grossly underrated in this business is the art of kayfabe journalism. It enriches the stories being told, adds new dimension and offers a means for fans to keep up with the industry they love while still enjoying the show. Dirt sheets have their place, they always will and I will always love them…but wrestling just isn’t wrestling without the commentators. These are the foundation upon which kayfabe journalism is built: the broadcasters who bring you the action as another facet of the performance, and not to tell you what’s “really” going on.

Doing that is something that has brought me incredible joy — but that’s the funny thing with mental illness: it makes feeling that joy kind of hard.

The site lapsed because of just that: I struggle with clinical depression and anxiety, CPTSD, and other comorbidities that are par for the course with these conditions. It made things hard, far harder than they ought to have been…including feeling any kind of emotion. Unfortunately, when mental illness is rooted not just in psychological trauma but chemical imbalances, the only real thing you can do is search for the right combination of medications to start fixing things.

So a momentary break turned into an unplanned sabbatical from the site. During this, I’ve had an overwhelming and touching show of support from you, my wrestling family. The audience, the athletes…when I could do nothing, you cheered me on and lifted me up. When all I could do was engage on social media, you had fun with me — and even in rough moments, you weren’t shy about sharing your own stories and struggles with me, letting me know I wasn’t alone.

I feel it’s wonderfully fitting that the first write up to come back with is BIG BAD BEETLE BATTLE, showcasing the return of Super Beetle himself. Recent changes to my medication have brought revelatory improvements to my well being, and while I can’t promise I can be exactly reliable with regular write ups? Like Super Beetle, I’m back to do my thing. As my mental health improves, it’s my hope that the content this site produces will improve — and I have plans to turn a few negatives into positives. If I can’t write, I can always talk, so there may be experimental adventures in podcasting to add to our written articles. Who knows? We might even go multimedia with a little video. What I feel I can do, I will do. It might be nothing, it might be something…but I’ve been away for too long.

The Gifted and Talented Ray Rosas once said during an in-ring promo that pro wrestling is a family. If you are reading this, know that you are mine. Truly, I would be lost without you, and I can’t thank you enough for the support and camaraderie you’ve all provided as I struggle back to my feet, psychologically speaking.

I love you all. So much, so deeply, and so aggressively.

Now strap in, folks — the X-Press is officially back, and no story is safe from this nose for news.

Liz Carlie
Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Social Media Manager, Certified Loudmouth

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