FULL STOP Results – 2/25/22

It’s no secret that this week’s Millennium Pro Wrestling event was based around the true fall of Full Send, hence its name: Full Stop. It evokes a very specific feeling and visual, that of ultimatums and endings, of do or die moments that can make or break a friendship, a person, an entire career.

An instant in time where the laws of momentum and physics are suspended, and regardless of the velocity at which you are moving you must, inevitably, stop. Choose. Act.

Where you go from there…well, that’s up to those choices and actions. Maybe you’ll step closer to the brass ring. Perhaps you’ll climb a little higher up the mountain to mark the peak where all others want to ascend.

Maybe, when the laws of physics are restored and you can finally keep moving again, you’ll discover that you’ve left something behind you. Did you shed needless weight, or lose something vital? Only time, and the laws of nature, will tell.

Let’s see what happened for the superstars of MPW when they came to their own personal Full Stop situations. Spoilers ahead…let’s get moving.



Brendan Divine DEFEATS Che Cabrera

Beyond a high profile title defense, this match was a special one for more significant reasons – originally slated to appear at MPW’s Secret Santa just two months prior, the man billing himself as Latino Meat, Che Cabrera, hasn’t been seen in an MPW ring since 2018. What’s more, Cabrera is a former MPW champion. Despite his lengthy absence, this clearly had to be in the forefront of the minds of MPW’s Board of Directors when considering Cabrera’s worthiness for a title shot upon his return.

While remembered by some, those who were unfamiliar with Cabrera were immediately put off by his bad attitude and posturing in front of many female fans. The entrance of the champion immediately put a smile on the faces of everyone in the crowd – smiles that were evident in Brendan Divine’s semi-traditional pre-match selfie. Both competitors wasted little time in locking up…

And the ‘full stop’ came when Divine hit the mat, courtesy of a shoulder check by the wall of solid muscle that was Che Cabrera.

While Divine was by no means fully overwhelmed by the challenger, it’s painfully clear that Cabrera remains a championship level competitor: size means nothing if you don’t know how to use it, and the same goes for strength. Cabrera stalked his prey with perfect focus and deliberation with exceptional displays of his power – a particularly notable suplex had Cabrera suspending Divine in the air while deftly avoiding the exposed beams above the ring with Divine’s feet, lest he have the move turned against him.

Still, Divine held strong, kicking out of every pinfall attempt. Despite his obvious skill and ability to beat Divine clean, the relentlessness of our National champion had Cabrera taking shortcuts like choking Divine with a boot in the corner. One can understand the desperation, given that in the moments he was able to rally, Divine had several close calls of his own with pinfalls on the challenger.

In the end, the champion prevailed, with a pinfall victory going to Divine. As he celebrated with the fans, however, and Che Cabrera skulked back to the locker room, this particular reporter couldn’t help but be incredibly impressed with the prodigal son of MPW – say what you will about his arrogance, Cabrera backed it up with action and incredible skill. Hopefully, we’ll see him in an MPW ring again soon…and speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be mad at seeing the man get another title opportunity.

Mylo & Johnnie Robbie DEFEATS the Void (Auntie Hydie & Richie Coy)

There is something altogether unsettling about those moments when members of the Void make their way to the ring – obviously, they thrive on the disquiet of the fans, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Hydie herself is an otherworldly behemoth, chaos personified barely leashed by skin and muscle, and made all the more disturbing since embracing the dark power of the force for which her stable is named, that of the Void. Seeing it enslave someone like J2 was equally disturbing, gazing into his eyes week by week and seeing all light, all will snuffed out completely.

This week, watching Richie Coy walk – nay, strut – to the ring, with their dear Auntie Hydie by their side, there was something strangely primal and electric about the way they carried themselves. One might call it arrogance or less severe overconfidence if not for the way it drew the eye…

It’s a hard thing to describe, but I will do my best, readers. You see, all dictionary definitions of the word ‘confidence’ refer to a feeling or belief, rather than something known or quantified. There are things in this world that are just that: known. The sun will rise and set, the sky is blue, good and evil exist. This week, with a smirk on their face and a looseness in their shoulders and posture, every foot fell not with confidence…but something closer to that known quantity.

Richie Coy moved not with confidence, but with a sense of…inevitability.

That kind of powerful self possession only grew more troubling as Coy again fell before Auntie Hydie in the ring, not merely to kneel but to cleave to her, nuzzling into her hand and leaning into her touch with an affection that was disturbing in its dark sincerity. It hardly allowed for the mood to lighten as Robbie and Mylo took to the ring, but their bright personalities and lively energy did help to dispel the shadow in the air at least somewhat.

The match itself was a passionate contest, but still very distressing with the Void’s black influence sending tendrils through the audience – and more actively with growing signs of the Void’s power transforming a willing servant rather than a bound slave. The bond with Coy seems to have only made Hydie more powerful, with the team of Robbie and Mylo struggling at every turn when confronted with the Dapper Banshee – there was a glimmer of hope with a drop toe hold from Mylo that chopped the mighty juggernaut of darkness down, but it didn’t last.

It couldn’t, when Coy was once again a barely leashed animal thing, shrieking and stalking the referee at every turn, sending the official running for his life. Their advantage couldn’t hold when an impassioned Robbie tried to help her partner and only served to distract the referee and allow Mylo to be victimized by the Void. Things took a still darker turn when Coy executed an excruciating submission this reporter has never seen the like of – it can only be best described as some sort of inverted cloverleaf, one that had screams of agony ringing through the MPW arena.

However, this world is full of the inevitable…and even the Void can be stopped with the right tactics.

So it was that Mylo scored the pinfall that gave her team the victory – but just as all things can be stopped, the same can be said for the team of Mylo and Robbie, via a vicious beating delivered by the Void in the aftermath of the match by an irate Hydie and a snarling, barely verbal Coy. It was a short lived celebration for the victors, but the big issue at hand remains the strength of the Void.

Hydie has already said she sees the vulnerable as prime candidates for initiation into the Void. Mylo and Johnnie Robbie have been tearing their way through the ranks of MPW, and beat the Void squarely, but still fell to their power.

If the likes of Hydie and Coy can still take such strong competitors out – leave them helpless in a vulnerable moment – what does that mean for the futures of the rest of the roster?

Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez DEFEATS Miggy Rose

Resulting from the lawsuit levied by Fernandez against MPW last week, Miggy Rose offered up the kind of challenge Fernandez has been demanding – when he’s not making outrageous demands for title shots he has yet to truly earn. Open to the promise of real competition, Rose stepped up, and Fernandez agreed.

When Fernandez came to the ring this week with an ornate, gleaming crystal skull cradled in one hand to put his ostentatious wealth on full display for a disdainful audience, it should have been a clear sign of things to come.

The match began with Rose outwrestling AMF with ease. Fueled by the crowd, Rose battled out from under the heel of Fernandez’s vicious assault – literally in one case, kicking out at one from an offensively lackadaisical pin as Fernandez put a foot on Rose’s chest.

However, victory came not from the relentless will and incredible skill of Rose – but from the use of that crystal skull as Fernandez hit Rose with it and secured the pinfall victory on his helpless opponent.

When the match finished, Fernandez took to the mic and made what has become his weekly demand for a National title shot – however, with Bryan Carter not at the soundboard this week, it was not Carter that addressed him.

Rather, the champion himself came out to accept the challenge…but, as ever, Fernandez refused to fight fair.

He chose this moment to reveal that he’d reached a settlement in his frivolous lawsuit with MPW, with the terms dictating that Fernandez would be entitled to the match of his choosing, with any stipulation he chose to dictate.

The verdict? March 11th, a five man gauntlet match forcing Divine to face four competitors – with Divine starting, and Fernandez being the fifth man to enter the ring.

Qualifying matches have already been announced for this week’s upcoming show, You’ve Got A Friend In Me, and Divine accepted the terms without fear or hesitation before departing the ring – but not before offering a battered Miggy Rose a pat on the back and the full weight of his support, as befits a true champion.


Barbie Boi DEFEATS Diego Valens

For this match, it should be noted that, earlier this week, news broke via MPW’s social media that Danny Divine had suffered an injury that would put him out of action for three to four weeks, give or take.

At this time, we’d like to pause and wish Danny Divine a swift and easy recovery. In and out of the ring, in front of and behind the curtain, injuries are no joke, and should never be mocked, nor taken lightly. The health of heroes and villains alike is a top priority, and we wish the champion nothing but good health and speedy healing.

With that said, while Divine cannot compete, he has found a means of keeping busy – namely, by appearing on commentary for this week’s show.

This allowed him to contribute without doing himself further harm – but seemed to forget that he was on injured reserve as this match got underway, given that the entrance of both competitors had him vibrating with tension, and at one point trying to leap out of his seat. If not for the restraining hand of MPW’s own Kriss Kloss, Divine might have gotten himself into a situation that would extend his time on the shelf and potentially put the fate of his title reign into question.

As it stands, Divine saw reason and regained his composure, and remains on track to keep hold of his World title…until, of course, he’s healthy enough to face the winner of the match he was forced to sit and watch.

Entering with manager Bryan Carter, the odds were stacked against Barbie Boi from the moment the bell rang – and that does not take the presence of the champion on commentary into consideration, as Divine has shown open hostility towards the general manager of MPW for daring to book any sort of match that would result in Divine being compelled to defend his precious belt. However, given the complete lack of compunction Valens has shown when it comes to cheating, lying, and taking whatever shortcuts he can to winning matches and maintaining championship reigns, such as his own Tag Team Championship, and the presence of an openly biased general manager at ringside to support his client – a direct conflict of interest…

Suffice to say, it was two on one, and Barbie Boi is still shaking off a little ring rust.

These concerns, however, were swiftly laid to rest as Carter tried to provide immediate distraction – and was not only thwarted, but resulted in Barbie Boi beginning the match by, quite literally, spanking Diego Valens with a cheeky little smile…if you’ll forgive the intended pun.

Barbie Boi was ready for the challenge laid in front of him by Bryan Carter – and there can be no question that it was very much a challenge, because Valens wasn’t going to allow the former World Champion to beat him.

Valens spared no expense. He was relentless in his assault, beat him until Barbie Boi was nearly counted out. He pulled at Barbie Boi’s hair – or possibly bit his head, it was hard to see for sure – during a sleeper hold. He fought hard and cheated wherever he thought he could get away with it.

Still, he couldn’t get the pinfall. There were some close calls on both sides, mind you – one particular pinfall attempt by Diego was called at two by such a small margin, The Perfect Gentleman protested so shrilly, one had to wonder if he could join a soprano choir.

In the end, however, even after an aerial stomp that left Barbie Boi in agony, none of it could stop the lord of the Dream House from claiming victory. After kicking out of a picture perfect moonsault from Valens, Barbie Boi rallied and secured a pinfall victory, putting the score between these two at three and zero, advantage Barbie Boi — as well as making him the number one contender for the MPW World Championship.

After the match, Barbie Boi called for a microphone, ready to make a statement – one the fans nearly denied him with their raucous cheers and adulation. He finally found a lull to make a statement, during which he reflected on the challenges that brought him to this point: fighting for the title, helping his husband beat cancer, and the heartbreaking loss he suffered at Naughty Or Nice. When fans could be heard heckling Divine and his injury, Barbie chastised them because he wanted Danny Divine to recover. Unlike Divine, during his tenure he’d been a fighting champion and was unwilling to collect his title shot unless the champion was fighting at one hundred percent capacity.

When he brings the title back to the Dream House, he wants no question as to his worthiness – and the crowd that showed him their emphatic support was clearly already convinced of it.


Bucio DEFEATS Dustin Daniels

After last week’s blow up, and the revelation regarding Full Send’s ongoing conflict simmering beneath the surface, the stage was set to finish what the duo started at Destiny Returnsa battle that, contrary to what audiences saw that night, never truly ended. The difference was, after Daniels revealed his true contempt for not only his partner, but for the audience as well, the crowd was far less divided regarding the outcome of the match.

So it was that Daniels lounged in the corner of the ring as Bucio made his entrance, greeted by cheers and encouragement from a fanbase firmly on his side in terms of the match’s outcome.

With the battle lines drawn, the bell rang – and what happened next was absolutely what this reporter expected.

The opening of the match was an inelegant, vicious brawl – two men struggling on the mat to beat the ever loving hell out of each other. It’s the kind of raw, nasty, barely coherent fighting one might expect to see between brothers – less a fight and more evidence of a wound left untreated, festering and painful as the lance finally comes to let it drain and finally begin healing.

Soon that initial rush of emotion was spent, however, and the fight returned to combat…at which point, Bucio scored an early psychological advantage when he avoided a blow from Daniels, who couldn’t deliver a punch as his arm had been hooked on the ropes during a scuffle. Bucio followed this with chops to Daniels so vicious they sent him flying out of the corner and clear out of the ring.

Normally, a match has give and take when it comes to control. The momentum shifts back and forth, sometimes gradually and other times so sharply it can physically rock an observer back in their seat. This match, however, had no such expected ebb and flow, as neither man was truly in control. When one had the advantage, the other was still going full speed towards sheer survival while the other rocketed towards his opponent’s destruction with no regard for their own welfare.

The sheer emotion and vicious determination can hardly be described in adequate detail – but this exclusive image can best encapsulate it, when the fight hit ringside and one maneuver sent Bucio, quite literally, into the crowd.

X-PRESS X-CLUSIVE! Action at ringside spills into the crowd — and under the guardrail as Bucio is pinned beneath the barricade. In the upper left hand corner of the image, Daniels is visibly affected as well, both men hell bent on absolute destruction.

To his credit, Bucio fought for his life, and for his pride – but Dustin Daniels fought throughout the match because of pride, using his superior strength not to fight but to muscle Bucio around as a means of showing off and belittling his partner – even going so far as to pose while pinning Bucio, showing off his muscles becoming a priority over winning as Bucio easily kicked out. The cardinal sin came from Daniels, however, when he put his hands on the referee after a close call with a pin that didn’t go his way.

This was not the athlete the fans thought they knew. This was not the Dustin Daniels they had come to love.

In the end, Bucio scored a pinfall, but it was hardly an easy victory – the pair were far too balanced, knew each other too well to grant either a solid advantage that would telegraph a victory. The pin came by surprise, and while Bucio was the victor, having proved himself the better man…he wasn’t done.

Bucio wasn’t done with Dustin…and he wasn’t done with Full Send, as he said when he called for a microphone.

With the match over, the fight finally finished, Bucio looked down at his partner on the mat and offered him a hand, offered him respect…asked for the hand of friendship so that Full Send could begin anew.

Dustin Daniels took the mic. He conceded his loss. He accepted the hand of friendship…

And then kicked Bucio square in the groin before leaving the ring, and leaving his former partner to be helped out of the ring by officials.

Thus, the show ended as it was named: at a full stop.

Full Send was officially dead.

For Your Consideration

MPW’s next event, You’ve Got A Friend In Me, is already lining up qualifiers for the namesake of the March 11th show, The Gauntlet. In addition, it’s been announced that The Gauntlet will also mark the return of Tyler Bateman to MPW, where he will face El Primohenio Trebeca.

There’s also been rumors circulating on Twitter about the reclamation of a title that hasn’t been seen in MPW since 2018: the North American Championship! If the MPW Board of Directors sanctions this victory, then we will soon see the rise of a brand new champion – none other than the Enterprise’s resident muscle, Sweet Robin Shaw!

What’s the story of this belt, and the verdict surrounding this victory? The X-Press will bring you updates as our sources check in.

The future of MPW and its stars is as bright as it is chaotic – so be a pal, and be there next week for You’ve Got A Friend In Me. Until then, folks, I hope you’re enjoying your journey aboard the X-Press.

Catch you next week.

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