SPECIAL EDITION: X-Press Reviews Pandemonium.TV

Here at the X-Press, we are all about the core thing that brings you here, and keeps us rolling: Millennium Pro Wrestling, the greatest and only weekly pro wrestling in Southern California. However, a promotion is only as good as its athletes – and nobody knows that better than MPW. That’s why they feature the best that SoCal has to offer every Friday.

That said, we here at the X-Press would be remiss if we failed to bring you the heart and soul of our common passion: the MPW roster. From time to time, Special Editions like this one will be released to report on events where the stars of MPW’s weekly shows appear. Covering other promotions and shows, we hope to introduce you to fresh new talent and exciting new stories. Perhaps your favorite heel in one venue could be the top babyface of another – in professional wrestling, anything can happen.

Who knows? Perhaps the MPW Board of Directors will be reading, and we as the MPW Universe can be treated to a few new dream matchups. As we said: in this business we love, in this art form that we’re all so deeply passionate about? Nothing is beyond imagining.

So today, enjoy this inaugural Special Edition, featuring the latest from one of LA’s newest and hottest promotions: Pandemonium Pro Wrestling.


I didn’t know what I was in for when I walked into the dimly lit studio for the first ever TV taping of Pandemonium Pro Wrestling. What I witnessed was one hell of a show full of twists, turns, and top quality professional wrestling.

Then, just a few days later, I sat down to watch the match that PPW posted to their YouTube channel on January 11: A Hill To Die On, Wicked Wickett versus .TV Champion, Honest John. In the span of ten minutes, I watched one hell of a match rife with twists, turns, and top quality professional wrestling.

However, I also had a new, staggering appreciation for what I’d witnessed live. That’s the sheer brilliance of what their product brings to the table: it’s top tier entertainment no matter what, be it filmed or in person, but when you fit the two together…

Great wrestling becomes downright magical.

As a regular in the audience of Millennium Pro Wrestling, I was familiar with, and a big fan of, several of the wrestlers that appeared at the January 8th taping: Hellmann Rosecrown, Honest John, and the advertised attraction of Mylo who was unfortunately kept from performing that night. The talent on the card was worth the price of admission, but the production quality immediately caught my attention on a whole different level when I entered JLFX Studios. The set, designed by studio owner Jim Logan, was minimalist but incredibly appealing, featuring light panels that flickered with the illusion of electricity crackling behind them. It resembled solid metalwork, and multiple monitors around the studio proudly displayed the animated Pandemonium.TV logo.

From the moment you entered, the immersion was absolute – not even the limited audience capacity needed due to COVID-19 could dampen the excitement on the air. This was a wrestling show, and the stakes were sky high.

As for the program, I can say that the dark match which took place between Richie Coy and Paradox was a fun, engaging, and viciously competitive contest. I can’t, however, say terribly much more. I won’t be sharing any spoilers here – but if you stopped to watch A Hill To Die On, you already have a clue about what’s to come over the course of five episodes of Pandemonium.TV that will be released in the near future. While there are no air dates as of yet, you can be sure not to miss a trick by following them on Twitch, as well as subscribing to their aforementioned YouTube channel. Make no mistake, however: you may think you know what’s brewing with Honest John and others, but you have no idea what you’re really in for.

What I can say about the show is this: when the next round of tickets for tapings comes up? Grab yours, and grab them fast. The talent on the PPW roster is absolutely breathtaking. You have some incredibly charismatic and gifted athletes such as Ishmael Vaughn, Jake Cartwheel, and the absolutely brilliant Dark Sheik, along with equally gifted, charismatic, and deplorable villains like Jordan Clearwater, CSJ (Can’t Stop Jamaal), as well as others.

I’d tell you more about my favorite match of the night, but again: spoilers. Instead, I will let you all know to stay tuned for a confrontation between RJ Santos and Chris Nastyy – action packed from bell to bell, the fists flew before entrance music could even finish playing, and they never stopped. Without question, these two left it all on the mat and the crowd still wanted more. In addition, it can’t be said enough that Dark Sheik is a revelation in the ring. Her match against Ty Ray was a treat, and while Ty Ray is an absolute powerhouse of both strength and dexterity, while both competitors are two of the best athletes I’ve ever seen, Dark Sheik brings something truly special to the ring. Oozing charisma, flying effortlessly through the air, her willingness to do absolutely anything for a great match brings to mind the reckless abandon of legends like Sabu, among others.

Episodes of Pandemonium.TV will air on Twitch, with a YouTube release one week after air. For broadcast dates, be sure to stay tuned to Pandemonium Pro Wrestling on their Instagram and Twitter. We here at the X-Press will keep you posted as well once information becomes available.

Until then? Keep your eyes on this company, readers – you don’t want to miss a second of what’s coming down the road.

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