GENESIS Results – 1/7/22

Birth and professional wrestling have one major thing in common: nothing, not one blessed thing, is ever certain. Fitting, then, that MPW’s return event to usher in the new year is called Genesis. With a card stacked to the heavens full of incredible matches, as is so often the case in this business all things are subject to change.

And these strange times we live in made damn sure of that this week.

With the announcement made via Twitter that Brendan Divine would be unable to compete due to potential COVID exposure and an exercise of caution in quarantining himself, and other unforseen circumstances, the planned matches for MPW’s return event, Genesis, were mostly scrapped. What we got instead was something else, something new – perhaps even something better. Even those matches that went on as billed, such as Johnnie Robbie and…her scheduled opponent…were rife with all things fresh and new.

Was ‘new’ good to the stars of the MPW Arena? Let’s find out – as usual, spoilers ahead for Genesis.

Let’s kick off 2022 with a little ass-kicking, shall we?

Mylo DEFEATS “El Primohenio” Trebeca

Last seen at MPW’s charity show, Born To Fight, Mylo’s presence on a standard show card was a breath of fresh air. A tenacious and charismatic fighter, she brought with her an energy to the ring that her opponent, and first athlete in the ring, El Primohenio Trebeca, lacked. Make no mistake, the aura of Trebeca was a powerful and tangible thing. However, where Trebeca exuded menace and arrogance, Mylo carried herself with bubbly enthusiasm and confidence that left the audience visibly lighter for her presence.

These two warring personalities continued to clash as the bell rang. Trebeca continued to mouth off at everyone in earshot – unwarranted, but not without reason. In an exclusive with the X-Press after his match, Trebeca expressed his fury at the ring announcer’s faux pas in billing him from ‘Parts Unknown.’ Proudly hailing from La Mancha, Spain, Trebeca took it as an affront and let it distract him as the match began. Mylo took early advantage of his self-possessed lack of focus, but swiftly lost that advantage as the contest continued. At a distinct size advantage against the much taller Trebeca, Mylo gave up both weight and height to her adversary – but if there’s one thing professional wrestling has taught the discerning fan, it’s that size disparity can often be an advantage.

Such was the case as Mylo faced the giant of Trebeca: time and again, she used her smaller stature to best him with a reversal on the apron at one point, tipping the scales in her favor. Trebeca struck back with some painful submission maneuvers to wear her down, and had to resort to underhanded tactics such as raking at her face. However, in the end, small and sprightly won the day as Mylo claimed victory by submission.

Later on, when asked if she felt like the underdog, Mylo brightly stated that she didn’t mind a bit.

“I like dogs!” she told the X-Press in her post-match interview. “And, I mean, Primohenio was a worthy opponent, don’t get me wrong. Still? He’s no match for the Mac Daddy.”

El Primohenio may not be a match for Mylo, but without question, both of these competitors set the bar incredibly high with their opening match for the evening.

Diego Valens DEFEATS Bucio

While this match was previously updated to a tag team contest with Full Send against Valens and Miggy Rose, circumstances changed, bringing back the originally billed singles contest of Bucio against the self proclaimed Handsome Devil. Either way it was billed, this was a contest that promised pure excitement.

Which was why, in a surprising turn of events, this match began as a mat based contest. Unusual, given that Valens and Bucio are both known for their ability to fly, but perhaps understandable for that very same reason. Two equally gifted athletes with similar areas of expertise? It’s bound to be an evenly matched contest, and testing something new early on could lend an advantage to one of them.

It turned out that this elusive advantage would be sorely needed. Both men traded moves and blows to no avail, forcing Valens out to ringside at least once to collect himself, and Bucio boosting his morale in some playful banter with the fans. Valens and Bucio traded the upper hand several times, and while Valens was in control for a good part of the match, he couldn’t seem to keep Bucio down. Kicking out of every pinfall attempt, meeting every blow head on – it wasn’t long before Valens became visibly frustrated with his opponent’s inability to stay down.

Eventually, Bucio simply couldn’t bear up under the onslaught, and fell to Valens by pinfall, but the frustration followed Valens even into his victory as he accosted Bucio after the match. Still one half of the tag team champions, Valens shoved his belt in Bucio’s face to add insult to injury. Reminding him of what he lost, one has to wonder if this deliberate slight may come back to bite Valens later. Bucio is, without question, the fun loving free spirit of Full Send…but even free spirits can be bound by the chains forged in a heart longing for revenge.

Johnnie Robbie vs…Bulletproof?

Such was not the case as two men came to the ring: one in white, identified as Jack Slammer, accompanying a well-dressed man in black calling himself Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez.

However, fans of MPW know this man by a much different name: Bulletproof. Turns out, he’s not answering to it anymore.

Taking the microphone, the man once known as Bulletproof spoke to the audience about his time away from the ring. Over the holidays, he had returned to his hometown in Mexico on a visit with his mother. There, he discovered his inheritance – and himself. No longer would he be known by his old name, or behave the way he once did: from now on, he was Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez, and he demanded to be treated with respect.

A respect he did not, of course, show the audience.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Fernandez, if you would like to keep me out of your DM’s in the future, you could always confirm or deny my request for an interview. I can assure you, my interest is strictly professional. Besides, you couldn’t handle me. A real man, like the Rebel Storm, is more my speed. Then again, as real women go, Hydie does know her way around a set of chains…

Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez DEFEATS Johnnie Robbie

To start the match for this evening, Fernandez had the audacity to insist that his right hand man, one Jack Slammer, check the referee before the referee checked Fernandez for any foreign objects. That done, Fernandez divested himself of his suit jacket, and with Johnnie Robbie in the ring, the match got underway.

Given that the bad attitude of Fernandez has only gotten worse with this reinvention, it pains this reporter to admit to his skill – but journalistic integrity must be upheld at all times. Grown more arrogant with his new prestige, Fernandez has also grown more violent and more ruthless…and this worked to his advantage in the ring. Even when he escaped the ring at one point to allow manservant, Slammer, to fix his hair, it did little to temper the storm of offense he subjected Robbie to.

Robbie, however, was not about to be outdone. While she managed to gain the advantage a few times, including one impressive hurricanrana that knocked all sense out of Fernandez, she struggled visibly to hold her own against the reinvigorated Fernandez. Even so, Robbie fought even in the face of defeat, refusing to stay down for the pinfall.

Finally forced to resort to cheating, such as stepping on Robbie’s hair, Fernandez took advantage of interference from Slammer at ringside to score the pinfall victory. They say that power corrupts, and clearly it has done just that with Alejandro Fernandez: power has taken a man with an attitude problem and transformed him into a foul – but, admittedly, lethal creature who has the potential to crush potential challengers under his heel.

Let’s just hope those high priced shoes of his don’t leave too terrible a mark.


Ray Rosas vs. Danny Divine?….


Just after Rosas made his entrance, the newly crowned MPW champion made his, and informed the crowd that, per the orders of vacationing general manager, Bryan Carter, there would be no outright championship match. Rather, a battle royal was being held, with the winner being given an immediate title shot thereafter.

At Divine’s order, the locker room emptied of nearly every competitor from that evening: Mylo, El Primohenio, Bucio, Diego Valens, plus the addition of a few extras, such as Auntie Hydie, Artorius, Miggy Rose, and Dr. Phil Goode.

Thus the battle royal began…with a single note from the champion.

There was now a $500.00 bounty on the elimination of Ray Rosas.

Naturally, every athlete in the ring was immediately on Rosas, with Divine egging them on from his place at ringside. Eventually as is the case with all battle royals, the action scattered across the ring. In a match consisting of nine men and women, any reporter would be hard pressed to offer a full and complete breakdown of the action. Therefore, for your edification, the breakdown of eliminations was as follows, and in order:

– El Primohenio Trebeca
– Mylo
– Auntie Hydie
– Dr. Phil Goode
– Artorius

It was at this point, with Rosas still in the game, that Divine took the microphone up again and raised the bounty to $1,000.00.

The match, and the hunt for the growing bounty, continued. The fighting grew more intense, with a vicious contest between the four remaining athletes, until the next inevitable elimination.

– Diego Valens

After the elimnation of Valens, in a move borne of clear desperation, Divine upped the bounty to a full $2,000.00 for the elimination of Ray Rosas from the final three. In earnest, this impromptu triple threat under battle royal rules raged on, with a battered Rosas clinging to life by a thread.

– Bucio

With the elimination of the former tag team champion, it was down to Miggy Rose versus Ray Rosas. Back at Naughty or Nice, we saw a different side of Rosas: vicious and willing to do anything to prevail.

This week, Rosas may have come to the ring with his more normal cheery disposition – but good humored does not, by any stretch, mean weak willed.

So it was that this battle royal came to its inevitable conclusion: with the captain of MPW standing tall, and one Miggy Rose fallen on the mat outside the ring.

World Championship Match
Ray Rosas DEFEATS Danny Divine (via countout, champion retains)

Despite the beating Rosas had already taken, Divine’s attempt to rush the ring and claim a swift, opportunistic victory as he did back at Naughty Or Nice, failed. On a surge of new life that came from only God knows where, Rosas and Divine stood toe to toe, with a shellshocked Divine barely able to defend himself against the onslaught from Rosas.

In the end, it was a short-lived match. After a brief trading of blows and shots at ringside, wherein a ten count from the referee was initiated, Rosas reached the ring first – but Divine did not follow, allowing Rosas to take the countout victory. However, as is common practice, the rule of champion’s advantage was in effect: a title cannot change hands in the event of a disqualification or a countout.

It left the audience dissatisfied…and Ray Rosas with a hollow win on his record as Divine, complete with his new attitude and ill-gotten gold, escaped with his life and his title for the time being.

For Your Consideration

Next week’s event, Loteria, has already been announced with two matches slated.

Rebel Storm will face J2 in singles action.

Next week, Danny Divine will defend his title again – and you get to decide who his opponent will be: Johnnie Robbie, Ray Rosas, or Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez. Voting will take place on both Twitter and Instagram, so make your voice heard!

Finally, to those who could not be there on Friday, such as Brendan Divine, Tyler Bateman, Andy Brown, and others, the MPW X-Press would like to take a moment to wish you good health, good fortune, and a nourishing respite during your absence.

To them, and to all of you, the X-Press commands it: stay healthy, stay strong, and stand proud. You are part of the MPW Universe, you are part of the X-Press, and therefore you are one of the elite.

See you next week, marks.

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