VENDETTA Results – 11/5/21

Remember, remember!

The fifth of November,

The Gunpowder treason and plot;

I know of no reason

Why the Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot…

Today, the fifth of November, will be remembered in Chatsworth, CA not for the gunpowder treason of Guy Fawkes Day, but rather for the powerful performance delivered by the gladiators of the MPW Arena. Beginning with a surprise update about the world title scene within the company and culminating with a main event that brought the crowd to its feet, Vendetta was without a doubt one of the most intense events to take place within the walls of Millennium Pro Wrestling since the beginning of Barbie Boi’s title reign.

Enough talk – you want results, and I got ‘em. Spoilers below, so click with caution. That said? Let’s get into it.


Barbie Boi came out to discuss the results of The King Of Xtreme on October 22nd, where Ray Rosas took the title of 2021’s King of Xtreme Battle Royal. Along with the bragging rights of the title, the win entitles Rosas to a shot at the MPW World Title at the time of his choosing. Excited for the opportunity to take on his mentor, Barbie Boi called for Rosas to come to the ring and shake his hand. Rosas obliged, but rather than shake his hand, Rosas had words of his own.

Rosas, apparently, had no plans to call in his title shot – or so he claimed. Earnestly proclaiming his reluctance to fight a friend and protege, eventually Rosas acquiesced to Barbie Boi’s desire for a match…and sealed the deal with a hearty hug.

Enter Bad Medicine.

Interrupting the moment between friends, Dr. Phil Goode and Bulletproof took umbrage with the spotlight being shown on Rosas and Barbie Boi. Naturally, when four able bodied competitors have a problem? The ring is there to settle all scores, leading to the opening match of the night.

A match that ended in victory for Barbie Boi and Ray – and only a slightly awkward moment as both men reached for the title belt at the same time, post match.


Ray Rosas & Barbie Boi DEFEATS Bad Medicine

National Champion: J2 w/Hydie DEFEATS Osiris Mittens

Notable moments in this match up include the assist from Hydie, the Dapper Banshee, who unleashed her scream on an unsuspecting Mittens. The Kitty Contender didn’t last long after that, with J2 making quick work of him as Hydie pulled his strings. Former champion, Brendan Divine, took note at ringside, with a tense staredown between Divine and J2 finishing things off as J2 left ringside.

Honorable mention in this bout goes to the Sign Guy. The two J’s in J2 do, in fact, stand for Jerk, sir. Bravo.

Miggy Rose DEFEATS Johnnie Robbie

One of two matches that earned a ‘This Is Awesome’ chant from the discerning crowd tonight, Rose’s submission victory was notable only in the fact that, after the contest, Rose took advantage of a visibly injured Robbie by offering her a sporting handshake, then assaulting her with a vicious assault on her wounded arm. The attack drew Ray Rosas out, causing Rose to hold Robbie hostage with an arm bar. Threatening to break Robbie’s arm, Rose kept the hold on until Rosas agreed to a match next week, where he would put his title shot on the line against Rose. Making it official, Rosas secured Robbie’s freedom safely, and will go up against Rose at Hail To The King on November 12th in the main event.

Jordan Cruz DEFEATS Darwin Finch

A close contest all the way through, a highly technical mat based contest devolved into a slugfest, with a near count out on a helpless Finch and an eventual, brutal assault on Finch by Cruz, who overtook the Punk Rock Poindexter with a flat out beating near the end of the match. Cruz finished the night by calling out Brendan Divine, on commentary once again, and shoved Divine before heading back to the locker room for the night.

Watts DEFEATS Diego Valens w/Bryan Carter

With Bryan Carter taking a turn on commentary, as is his custom during his client’s contests (with scattered ‘bozo’ chants stalking him at every turn), the match very swiftly became a clear contest of speed versus power. For every display of strength from Watts, Valens answered with agility and quick reflexes. Valens, however, may need to find new representation, as Carter soon left the commentary table to offer a ringside distraction. The tactic backfired badly, with Valens punching out his own manager and allowing Watts to take the victory by pinfall.

Things, however, did not end there. Taking the mic up, Watts made clear his intentions to find a spot in the world title picture by calling out Barbie Boi for the upcoming Black Friday event in three weeks time.

Main Event


Danny Divine DEFEATS Vinnie Wasco

The second match of the night to earn a ‘This Is Awesome’ chant from the audience, this contest was a study in what makes a good competition. Another honorable mention to Sign Guy for ‘Vinnie Was-GO HOME’ in this bout, but the exchange of textbook perfect arm drags from Divine and cross body takedowns from Wasco made the whole audience sorry to see it end. Finishing the bout with a loving nod to Flair vs. Michaels and the I’m sorry, I love you Sweet Chin Music and a stomp, Divine took the victory and ended Wasco’s tenure at Millennium Pro Wrestling.

The match ended with a standing ovation and an empty locker room as, from both sides of the curtain, MPW sent one of its own out into the world to make his fortune. From the sound of it, soon the world will be getting their daily dose of Vitamin V – and a weekly performance from World Wasco Entertainment. Stay tuned, folks, you won’t want to miss a second.


For Your Consideration

– Hail To The King, next week, main event: Ray Rosas vs. Miggy Rose, KOX Title Shot On The Line

– three weeks, Black Friday…Watts vs. Barbie Boi?Anything can happen in Millennium Pro Wrestling.

Were you at the show? Want to share your favorite highlights? I’m throwing down the gauntlet: convince me your faves were the best of the night.

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